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Many attorneys frequently call Anthony Bonadies for help with serious personal injury or wrongful death cases. Often, the defendants and their insurers were unwilling to offer any substantial settlement before Attorney Bonadies became involved.

Below are examples of successful results we have achieved. Please keep in mind that every case is different and must be evaluated on its own merits and there is no guarantee of success in your case.

12-20-22 JURY VERDICT: $175,000; In the case of Masella v Travelers Insurance, a New Haven jury returned a verdict in the amount of $175,000 for our client. The last offer was $15,000. No medical bills were offered.

TRACTOR TRAILER CRASH RESULTING IN DEATH. This settlement is so confidential the insurance company will not allow the release of any details.

TRACTOR TRAILER HIGHWAY CRASH: NEGLIGENT TRAINING AND SUPERVISION. What many believe to be the first verdict in Connecticut, a jury found a Trucking Company, NFI independently responsible for a tractor trailer crash for negligently hiring and retaining an unsafe driver. The driver had multiple moving violations and 9 crashes during his employment. Bonadies through cross examination stripped NFI of its false claim of being a safe company, and showed the lack of training to be the direct cause of the multiple vehicle highway crash. Damages will be determined at a later hearing.

Layla BanksCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: NEGLIGENT HOTEL SECURITY. After two days of trial, a wrongful death case of a 21 year old woman against a Fortune 500 hotel chain was settled for a confidential amount. The case broke open when documents by senior hotel security management came to light about the lapses in essential security two weeks before her murder. First offer was $5,000.

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Bike under truck$4,350,000.00 SETTLEMENT: TRUCK COLLISION WITH BIKE. A 26 year old woman was injured when a delivery driver opened his door into her bike, knocking her into traffic and being run over by another truck causing crush injuries to her hip.

CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: DEATH OF STATE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED RESIDENT. A longtime resident of a state developmentally disabled facility developed signs and symptoms of either seizure disorder or intestinal blockage. The resident was assigned a "sitter," and was not properly assessed by the nursing staff. Several hours later, he was in shock and pronounced dead at the hospital. The defendant denied all responsibility. No offer was made until time of trial. The case was settled confidentially before trial.

Bowel Obstruction SettlementCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: DEATH OF NURSING HOME RESIDENT, FAILURE TO DIAGNOSE BOWEL OBSTRUCTION. A nursing home resident began suffering significant abdominal pain, with loss of appetite, and a failure to move his bowels. The home followed "normal protocol" by giving milk of magnesia. Despite ongoing and increasing pain, no increased assessment or supervision was performed. The resident was suffering from a deadly bowel obstruction, and the resident wasn't transferred to the hospital until the resident was in shock, and he died shortly after admission to the hospital. The defendant denied responsibility. The case settled at mediation before trial.

Group Home NeglidenceCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: GROUP HOME AND HOSPITAL NEGLIGENCE. A 42 year old mentally disabled resident of a group home was not attended to properly, causing a late diagnosis of pneumonia. Her hospital care was not to standard and contributed to her resulting death. Settlement was reached with the aid of private mediation.

Tractor Trailor$1,500,000 NET EFFECTIVE SETTLEMENT: CHAIR COLLAPSE; PRODUCT LIABILITY, NEGLIGENCE, SPOLIATION OF EVIDENCE, WORKERS COMPENSATION. A 49 year old man entered the BJ's food court and sat on a chair and it broke from its base, causing him to fall and hurt his shoulder and neck. BJ's threw out the chair within a week. His treatment required two shoulder and a neck surgery. After extensive multistate discovery, and retaining a top welding expert, it was determined that the manufacturer excessively ground the welds during assembly, causing its failure. Due to BJ's discarding the chair, a claim of spoliation of evidence was brought against them. The case was settled after several mediations with the product manufacturer, the retail store, and the worker's compensation carrier.

Tractor Trailor$1,500,000.00 SETTLEMENT: TRACTOR TRAILER COLLISION. An 80 year old man was rear ended by a tractor trailer causing him to hit a vehicle and light pole. He was diagnosed with a cervical fracture and suffered respiratory arrest causing dementia. Health complications from accident ensued, resulting in his death. Settlement was reached immediately before trial.

Fall Risk AssessmentCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: NURSING HOME NEGLIGENCE. An 85 year old male nursing home resident, who suffered from confusion and depression, fell going to bathroom, fracturing his arm, which required surgery. The resident died in the hospital 6 days later while awaiting surgery; The records showed that the facility never even performed an accurate Fall Risk Assessment so his level of care did not match his difficulties with balance and walking; Initial Offer $0; Settlement two weeks before trial.

E-brake$925,000.00 SETTLEMENT/ARBITRATION A 32 year old woman died when an SUV parked on an incline unexpectedly let go and hit her. Through the investigation it was learned that the emergency brake was worn out and out of adjustment. A Manufacturer's Service Bulletin was issued to the local dealership where the SUV was serviced prior to the incident, warning that the e-brakes were prone to wear out prematurely. Bonadies was able to show that the dealership had the responsibility to notify vehicle owners and/or warn them when the vehicle was brought in for service. Part of the case was settled and the claim against the dealership was arbitrated where Bonadies prevailed before a three attorney panel.

Nightclub Negligent Security$800,000 ARBITRATION AWARD: NEGLIGENT INFLICTION OF PHYSICAL HARM. A 49 year old woman was injured by her work supervisor resulting in the need for a two-level cervical fusion. The supervisor was employed by a separate corporation. The insurance company wrongfully did not defend the responsible employee in this lawsuit. Bonadies arranged the transfer of the responsible employee's rights against his insurance company, resulting in Bonadies' claim against the company for failing to defend its employee. The case against the insurance company settled after mediation for an undisclosed confidential sum.

Nightclub Negligent Security$799,000.00 SETTLEMENT: NIGHTCLUB NEGLIGENT SECURITY. Due to inadequate security and failure to follow their own procedures, a man celebrating his 21st birthday was tragically shot outside the club. An altercation started inside the nightclub by a group of drunken underage trouble-makers, and instead of breaking the scuffle up, the staff pushed the fight outside and watched it occur like a spectator sport. No police were called, and the police station is only minutes from the club. The Plaintiff’s friends were involved, and after he saw the staff watching the fight, he went to break it up. One of the assailants ran to his car with another, and they drove by the club firing a 9mm pistol, hitting the Plaintiff 3 times, one through his spinal cord. The bullet caused permanent injuries and paralysis. The case was settled with a private mediator after we overcame all of the defendant’s legal challenges. Initial offer was 0.

Tractor Trailoer Collision$650,000 SETTLEMENT: TRACTOR TRAILER COLLISION. A tractor trailer company rushing through I-95 construction traffic near the Q Bridge rammed the back of a car occupied by two brothers. One brother eventually required three surgeries, the other now has a risk of surgery. When Bonadies received the file, the company denied liability, and the last offer was $65,000 for the two brothers. After depositions, several Court mediation sessions, and a pretrial evidentiary hearing, the cases settled for $650,000.

Negligent SecurityCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: NEGLIGENT SECURITY. Due to inadequate security and lack of training of its staff, a 21 year old man was stabbed at a nightclub; A YouTube video captured the lax security while the victim was chased through the nightclub. A settlement was reached with a mediator before trial.

Left Hip Fracture Surgical FixationCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: NURSING HOME FALL, LACK OF SUPERVISION. An 85 year old man suffering from dementia was injured when, despite explicit warnings by the family before leaving the facility, the facility did not supervise him properly. He fractured his hip when he tried to get up from his wheelchair. Initial offer $0. Case settled a week into jury selection.

Elderly Housing ComplexCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: FALL ELDERLY HOUSING COMPLEX. A confidential settlement was reached with a landlord of elderly housing complex. A 80 year old woman tripped and fell and suffered a fractured hip, and then other injuries while trying to recover. Her fall was caused by a dangerous lip connecting the sidewalk to the parking lot. A professional engineer establish the walk was not in compliance and was unsafe. Initial offer $0.

fracture humeral headCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: NURSING HOME NEGLIGENCE. An 82 year old man fell in his bathroom at a nursing home causing serious arm injuries, which required surgery. The Plaintiff died while preparing for surgery. The facility did not do proper fall risk assessments, and did not follow the recommendations of his therapists. The case was settled after private mediation.

Construction site negligenceCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: CONSTRUCTION SITE NEGLIGENCE, COLLAPSED RAMP. A confidential settlement was reached with the general contractor of a construction site. The Plaintiff needlessly suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery after the ramp he walked on collapsed. It was found out that the ramp was not to code, made with the wrong lumber, and was not inspected by safety personnel. The case was settled after private mediation.

Lumbar Surgeries$395,000.00 SETTLEMENT: AUTO COLLISION. A 42 year old man in car accident suffered from a disc herniation requiring two lumbar surgeries, other complications, as well as being temporarily unable to work.

$375,000.00 SETTLEMENT: AUTO COLLISION. A 42 year old “Good Samaritan” was injured helping an elderly male whose car was broken down and in the break down lane. The defendant drifted into the breakdown lane causing the parked vehicle to hit the Plaintiff. She required back surgery. The case settled in private mediation.

Food Poisoning$370,000.00 AFTER JURY VERDICT: PUNITIVE DAMAGES; FOOD POISONING AT WORK LUNCHEON. 12 United Illuminating workers suffered from food poisoning after a catered company luncheon. Initial offer $0; last offer before trial $36,000. The Jury found the defendant’s actions recklessly disregarded safety and awarded punitive damages.

Hockey Rink Fall$300,000.00 SETTLEMENT: FALL DOWN OUTSIDE OF HOCKEY RINK. A 70 year old woman being escorted by her son outside a hockey rink tripped on a bad sidewalk in very poor lighting causing a hip fracture. After numerous depositions of rink operators and owner, and analysis by a professional engineer, the defendant settled one week before trial. An offer of $0 remained until that time.

Wet Floor at work$300,000 SETTLEMENT: FALL ON WET FLOOR AT WORK. The Plaintiff suffered a severe injury to her knee after a fall while working, and she required a knee replacement. The cleaning company was mopping and did not have wet floor signs in the area and sequenced its cleaning duties in a dangerous manner.

Heating Ducts$300,000 SETTLEMENT: PREMISE LIABILITY WRONGFUL DEATH. A 70 year old woman who suffered from severe asthma complained to landlord of soot entering apartment through heating ducts. Instead of replacing the heat exchanger as required by law, the landlord tried to repair it illegally. The soot continued to pollute the unit. The plaintiff’s asthma intensified causing a heart attack and death. The plaintiff’s daughter videotaped the landlord conversation documenting the illegal repair. The case settled for the available insurance.

Elbow Injury$290,000.00 ARBITRATION AWARD: UNDERINSURED MOTORIST CLAIM. A 38 year mother of two was injured when a driver on her cell phone rear-ended her truck. She suffered elbow and neck injuries that eliminated her plans to return as an operative nurse after her children enrolled in school. The arbitration was held before a retired judge. Last offer was $0, claiming the $50,000.00 she recovered from the liability insurance more than enough to pay for her damages.

Arm Fracture$229,080.99 COURT TRIAL: VISITING NURSE NEGLIGENCE. An 87 year old patient recovering at home from a hip fracture suffered fractures to her arm when the visiting nurse was unsafe in attempting to weigh the patient. The visiting nurse left the patient unsupervised and without anything to hold onto while trying to read the scale, allowing the patient to fall and suffer permanent injuries to her arm. During cross examination the nurse’s version of events did not hold water. A court decision was rendered in our favor after evidence, briefs and argument.

Pitbull Bite$205,000 ARBITRATION AWARD: PITBULL DOG BITE LEG SCARRING AND NERVE DAMAGE. A neighbor pitbull "mix" bit the plaintiff's leg while she showed its owner some new landscaping. The woman suffered a peroneal nerve injury, and was given a 10% permanent disability to her leg. She had subsequent falling episodes and began using her elbow to stabilize herself to prevent further falls, and developed epicondylitis of her elbow, and some shoulder tendonitis. The last offer was $50,000.

Collision Manhole$175,000 SETTLEMENT: CONSTRUCTION SAFETY ZONE; COLLISION WITH MANHOLE COVER. While driving through a construction zone at night, a 26 year old man hit a raised UI manhole cover, totaling his vehicle, and resulting in a non-operable disc herniation. Bonadies was able to show that the UI manhole cover was substantially more dangerous than the other sewer holes, and despite the company knowing about it, they took no extra precautions. After several depositions of the corporation’s managers and hiring a traffic engineer expert and an accident reconstructionist, the case was settled after mediation. The offer during discovery was $0.

$100,000+ SETTLEMENT: REINSTATEMENT FOR CITY FIRE FIGHTER WITH BACK PAY, ATTORNEY'S FEES AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS. A city fire fighter was out due to a knee disability for 12 years, after which his treating doctor released him to full duty. The city refused to hire him back, and despite having no medical evidence, believed he could not perform the job of a firefighter. An action was brought in Federal court for perceived disability and a Writ of Mandamus to order the city to hire him, since he was cleared for duty. After significant pretrial intervention by the District Court, the action was settled, with the city rehiring him, with all back pay, benefits and attorney's fees, with total settlement well over $100,000.

$97,754.65 JURY VERDICT: BREACH OF CONTRACT, AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT. My client paid his partner’s share of the taxes, maintenance and insurance bills for undeveloped commercial property, who refused to pay him back. No offer prior to trial.

Fall at LowesCONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT: FALL AT LOWES. A large puddle of water developed in a customer aisle, covering 80% of its width. The customer caught the edge of the puddle with her shoe and fell, injuring her left shoulder. She reported the injury to a Lowes manager, but no incident report was prepared, and no investigation into the source of the puddle was ever performed. Lowes then claimed in the lawsuit they had no knowledge of the puddle, or the source of the puddle. The case was mediated two weeks before trial and settled for a confidential sum.

$82,417.60 TRIAL DECISION: PEDICURE INJURY. A 67 year old woman had a lacerated toe while undergoing a pedicure. There was observed unsanitary conditions with the water and the worker attempted to "krazy glue" the wound shut. As a result, the woman suffered from an infection, which required surgery and some permanent hypersensitivity to her foot resulted.

Fall at Lowes$67,500 JURY VERDICT: UNDERINSURED MOTORIST/ MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION. An 18 year old woman was rear ended by a driver on a cell phone. She sustained injuries to her neck and back. Bonadies collected the $25,000 in liability insurance and brought a claim against his client’s underinsured motorist coverage through GEICO. She had prior treatment to her neck and back, and hurt both again in another motor vehicle collision. Bonadies brought the treating Chiropractor to court to explain the mechanism of her injuries, the treatment she needed and allocated her injuries based on the two collisions. The last offer by GEICO was $2,500. GEICO was required to pay interest on the judgment because the verdict exceeded the amount Bonadies would have taken before trial.

$59,000.00 JURY VERDICT: MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION. A really nice 22 year old woman was rear ended causing a lower back injury. $3,500 in medical bills, last offer was $20,000.

$53,110.00 JURY VERDICT: MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION. Man hit by an out of control vehicle at 50-60 mph. He suffered a cervical injury.

$50,000.00 COURT TRIAL: MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION. Man in car accident suffered cervical spine injury and emotional pain and suffering as a result of being in a "close call" accident. Last offer $20,000.

$46,492.00 JURY VERDICT: MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION. 34 year old woman hit in a car crash. She suffered some pain in neck and shoulder. Defense last offered $16,500. Plaintiff would have accepted $17,000 in settlement prior to trial, but the insurance company was too stubborn.

$40,374.85 JURY VERDICT: UNSAFE PREMISES. Young woman bitten by rat in her apartment while sleeping. She had a $400 hospital bill for a tetanus shot. Defense last offered $4,000. I was able to show the property manager knew about rats at the apartment, after he testified under oath that he never knew. The jury was mad at the defendant for deliberately lying.

$22,884.00 COURT TRIAL: CITY SIDEWALK DEFECT. Elderly woman tripped and fell on an uneven city sidewalk. The defect was caused by tree roots pushing up cast iron grates in a heavily travelled sidewalk of New Haven. I was able to secure from the city arborist that the grates are for decoration only, and that they served no use. Also, it was revealed that no inspections were made of this heavily travelled sidewalk. She suffered hand, wrist and shoulder sprains. Defense denied any liability and offered $0. Decision was appealed by the City of New Haven, but they lost and it was upheld on appeal.

RESTORATION OF STATE VENDING LICENSE. A longtime vending machine company had two cigarette vending machines in adult-only establishments in the Town of Orange. The town passed an ordinance prohibiting their use, making his state license worthless. An action was brought claiming the state license preempted the city ordinance. The attorney general's office intervened to defend the ordinance. The case was tried against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Town and Insurance attorneys. After a full trial, the court decided in favor of the state license, and struck down the ordinance, requiring the town to pay damages and attorney's fees. The case was settled with the town for money damages. There was no offer at time of trial.

CRIMINAL TRIAL: NOT GUILTY. Two really nice women were accused of causing a breach of peace at a Burger King after the restaurant refused to correct their own mistakes in filling a breakfast order. The prosecutor stated my clients "did not know how to behave in society" and insisted on making an example of them. The evidence at trial showed that actually Burger King "did not know how to behave in society", did not follow procedures, tried to give my clients food out of a discard bin, and that the police rushed to judgment. Full acquittals were obtained after a two day trial. The newspaper coined the case "The Egg McMuffin Trial." Burger King was later rightfully sued for their manager’s blatant disregard of Burger King policy and a settlement was finally reached for what these nice women went through.

CRIMINAL TRIAL: NOT GUILTY. A good samaritan breaking up a fight between two people in a convenient store at 2am was wrongly accused as being involved. The police rushed to judgment and arrested him, breaking his arm in the process of handcuffing him. The state tried him for "creating a public disturbance," which is an infraction like spitting on the sidewalk. Despite this "easy" charge for the prosecutors to prove, a complete acquittal was obtained. The police were later sued for unreasonable force and a confidential settlement was reached while the jury deliberated for 3 days!


*Nominated by peers and selected by Thompson/Reuters group as one of the top attorneys in New England for Plaintiff's Personal Injury for 2013 - 2014.